a few cute stories about him (1)

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Ah, Alex. I first saw him in science class of my 10th year. The first day, I sat behind two cute guys – they looked nearly identical back then, they had the same haircut and everything. The cuter guy of the pair (imo) was Alex.

Now, it really matter what Alex looked like - just picture him as being the cutest babyfaced guy you’ve ever seen. ~Sigh~ Alex. After all these years, I’ve learned to keep my hopes low. I just wish sometimes that I knew more gay boys . But then you gotta respect if a guy’s straight. On the other hand, Alex was weird - dare I say different. He’s so cute and small and so... touchy.

And that brings us to my final grade 10 physics project (I must say this: the curriculum was a joke). We were encouraged to work in pairs or more, so I chose Alex; and more importantly, he agreed! I was fucking ecstatic.

The required task, for full marks, was to direct a laser beam through a series of mirrors at a target using only pencil and paper – you don’t get the mirrors or laser to test. Now, when it came time to place the mirrors, Alex leaned in alongside me to get a better look at the setup. His torso brushed up against mine and his leg was touching mine. He was so fucking close, I could feel his warm body against mine.

Oh, Alex, why do you do this to me?

I thought I would push my luck a bit further by snuggling a bit closer to him – big mistake. That kid, that fucking kid: pulled away from me, looked me in the eye and in his cutest (uwu) voice said imma bite you Kevin (hehe). And then he fucking bit me. He fucking did it. That kid bit me. In the arm. He leaned forward and nuzzled my right arm (bicep) and being slightly seductive, he did a big bite. Omnom nom. Yes, that’s what he said. Omnom nom. Little fucker.

Shocked and amazed, I gave him my best what the hell dude face. He gave an innocent did I do something wrong face and my whole body just melted. As I finished placing the last mirror, he leaned in and whispered Imma bite you again Kevin. Omnom nom. I looked at his beautiful face and said no. And tried to keep his snapping jaws away from my arms. God, he's so cute.

Hey guys, sorry for my bad writing, I haven’t written anything in a while.
The next story’ll come around in a few days!