a few cute stories about him (2)

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Being rejected feels bad. Constantly being rejected is even worse. That’s why I was scared shit asking if Alex liked guys, but I did so anyway. I mean the last guy I asked stopped talking to me so what could go wrong... Ha... Anyways, I sent Alex a text message at night. The message was short and simple (I didn’t want to appear rambly):

Kevin: Alex, do you like guys?

And I waited... He never replied (turns out he sleeps early, like before 12 am early). The next day, I anticipated his reaction – nothing. But then, he said hey, I got a notification. Some people asked what it was and then it hit me... S. H. I. T.

S. holy

H. shit

I. I really

T. Fucked up this time

Yeah... the notification was my text from last night. Eager to not let the whole class know about my feelings for Alex, I lept out of my chair, clambered over my desk and lunged – lungedat his phone. Grabbing his arm, I said Alex... I... I d-don’t think this is -. Nope. Now everyone’s suspicious. “Alex, what’s on your phone?” Oh, he just asked me if I was gay. Well... S. H. I. T.

S. Yup

H. My

I. Life

T. Is now over

He texted something back and told me to hey Kevin, check your phone.

Alex: 😍

Yo, we gotta delete that Kevin. I took that as a yes.

hullo. going through my old messages really messed me up. i think some of them are cute. maybe i should put some up here...